Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kroger Star Wars Fruit Flavored Snacks

I have not had fruit snacks in a while other than the occasional gushers and fruit by the foot. Today at the grocery store I decided to buy some of the Kroger brand since they were on sale and I had a taste for them. They have various character packaging and I am pretty sure they are the same fruit snacks in different shapes. I picked up the Star Wars ones, although the Veggietales ones were pretty cool as I love that series.

Overall I like the taste of the fruit snacks, but they are a little too sweet and the difference between the colors and flavors is minimal and they all kind of taste like some sort of fruit blend like fruit punch drinks. Not really much nutritional value other than 100% daily value of Vitamin C. Biggest thing, though, is that there are only six pouches in the box and each pouch does not have that much in it. I will go with Gushers in the future. They seem more substantial per package and have more interesting flavor and if I buy when on sale they are not that much more expensive.

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