Monday, April 12, 2010

Trader Joe's Mushroom Turnovers

Last week I found these Mushroom Turnovers in the frozen food section of Trader Joe's. They are pretty easy to make in the oven. They come in a nice tray that has them broken into about two servings. They make a decent snack or appetizer.

I liked the crust, which was not too crispy. I like having things like this soft and not crunchy, but if you want it more of a crispy crust you could leave it in the oven for maximum time rather than the minimum time like I did. The flavor is pretty good if you like mushrooms. The onion aspect is pretty non-existent, though. That did not bother me, as I am not into having a lot of onion in things, but it could be disappointing if you read the front box and expect the onion flavor to be distinct. Only thing that would have made it better is some cheese in the filling.