Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kroger Pomegranate Greek Yogurt

First off I must admit that while I overall have no issue with store brands and actually prefer Safeways to brand name in some cases, I have often found Kroger to really exemplify the lower quality bad rap store brands tend to get.  That said I have also found some of the Kroger stuff to be decent, although usually it is the stuff that is not actually a better deal than name brand, such as their Private Selection.  When it comes to yogurt, though, I have almost always found store brands are just too thin and watery seeming.  However, seeing that the Kroger Greek yogurt actually has a comparable amount of protein as name brands, I thought it might actually be a decent store brand yogurt.

Sadly, opening the Kroger Pomegranate Greek Yogurt I found it to have more of a thin consistency than the Kroger Carbmaster style I had also bought.  While I still appreciate it actually has the protein I come to expect from a Greek yogurt, at the same time it is not Greek yogurt because it is not anywhere near thick like it should be.  Worse, though, is it is totally bland tasting.  I guess I should expect that, though, because pomegranate really is more of flavor better blended with others than a stand alone, but I have had plain yogurt seem more flavorful than this.  If the only issue was this flavor, I would try out other varieties of the brand, but the thinness of the yogurt makes me rather just pay more for true Greek yogurt or even just buy the regular store brand yogurt that is cheaper and basically just like this fake Greek yogurt other than having somewhat less protein.

Disclosure: I received a free sample from BzzAgent.