Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eating Right Pomegranate Light Ice Cream Cups

I thought the Eating Right Pomegranate Light Ice Cream Cups would be good considering I like most things Pomegranate. These ended up being a big disappointment, though. The taste is horrible and nothing like Pomegranate. I think the closest thing to describe it is that it tastes like red licorice. It comes with an easy to use wooden spoon, which tastes better than the ice cream. That just says how horrible this ice cream tastes to me. Sure, it might be good if you like red licorice, but I think it will disappoint all that think it is pomegranate flavor. It is probably the fish oil and fish gelatin that messes the flavor up and really not an expected ingredient in ice cream, but not surprising since it says Omega-3 on the front of the box.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Safeway Easter Shaped Dipped Sugar Cookies

I first discovered the dipped sugar cookies at Safeway the day after Valentine's Day this year when I found them marked down for a $1 per package. The day after St. Patrick's I got the same deal on the holiday cookies, but no dipped ones were ever available for that holiday. For several weeks now I have been eying the Easter dipped sugar cookies, but I refused to cave in and pay $4.99 for a package. Thus I stuck to the day after the holiday grocery shopping and was rewarded with them being marked down to $1. I got a package for me and a separate package for my little brother this time since he loved the Valentine's ones that I brought on a road trip to share with him.

The dipped sugar cookies are the regular bakery seasonal design cookies with colorful sprinkles and a chocolate dipped coating on the bottom. I tend to dislike the shape sugar cookies because they are too hard for my liking, but the dipped chocolate seems to keep them soft. The only better cookies are the Peanut Butter Munchies I make for Christmas every year. Plus, the price of the day after the holiday cannot be beat considering I could barely make them myself cheaper and if I did that the dipping chocolate part would be quite messy.