Monday, May 17, 2010

Pretzel M&M's: Salty Yes, Sweet Yes, Crunchy Not Always

I had heard about the Pretzel M&M's a while ago and finally found some today at Target. I am a big pretzel fan, so I had to try them. However, I ended up being kind of disappointed in them.

The M&M's shell part is the normal M&M, which is not anything special to me, as I do not really even like that type of chocolate (is it even real chocolate?). The pretzel part for the most part was good and the salty part right after you get through the shell is kind of nice. The crunchy pretzel part, though, is not always there, as some pieces seemed kind of soggy.

The biggest issue for me with these is not the taste, though. It is the fact they are so close to perfectly round that they roll like crazy. Makes me think of that song about a meatball rolling away. The frustration of not being able to just dump them out on the table without them rolling like crazy puts it over the top to being too annoying and not all that awesome tasting for me to want again. Probably a good thing, since it is not a healthy snack.