Friday, December 2, 2011

Private Selection Margherita Napolitana Pizza, Spanakopita, and Belgian Chocolate Lava Cakes

The Private Selection Margherita Napolitana pizza is okay.  I like the choice of toppings including grape tomatoes and mozzarella.  It is rather small, though, and does not really have 3 servings like it says.  Also, not really into the whole thin crust thing.

The Spanakopita from Private Selection was quite good.  It ended up being a big frozen mass that I could not break apart, so I baked it as one piece and broke it apart after baking.  This ended up being not that good of an idea, as they cooked extremely unevenly.  However, they still tasted great.  I would get again, but I gotta figure out how to break them apart to bake.

The Belgian Chocolate Lava Cakes were a total disappointment.  I expected to like them like I love the ones from Dominos.  However, these are extremely cakey and I do not usually like cake.  Also, thought it had way too liquidy chocolate filling.

Disclosure: I received these items free from BzzAgent.