Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sour Patch Bunnies

On Sunday, I was looking through the ads and found CVS advertising Sour Patch Bunnies on sale. Sour Patch Kids are my all time favorite candy, so I just had to try these. The Sour Patch Bunnies come in individual sized bags. There are about 36 of these little bags per package. Each bag has about six Sour Patch Bunnies inside.

The Bunnies are about the same size as Sour Patch Kids. The colors are a little more pastel looking. Probably to tie in with Easter being a pastel color holiday. The bunnies are kind of blob looking, though. They do not have much detail, although you can kind of tell the effect they were going for and it definitely is a different look than the regular Sour Patch Kids.

Taste wise they are the same. They just look different and way weirder. It is a fun Easter egg filler for Sour Patch lovers like me, though.