Friday, October 21, 2011

SuperPretzel SoftStix Review

I have long been a fan of the frozen SuperPretzel Soft Pretzels.  My favorite way to eat them is to sprinkle shredded cheese over them so it melts while microwaving the frozen soft pretzel.  The SuperPretzel SoftStix have sounded good to me, but I had never been able to find them at my local grocery store.  I finally happened upon them yesterday at Target.

The SuperPretzel SoftStix are basically pretzel bites with a Kraft cheese filling.  They are little, but they are oh so good.  The only problem I have is that the cheese always seems to squirt out of at least one stick when microwaving and I only ever do the initial 30 seconds and have never needed to do the additional 30 the directions tell you to do.

I totally love them, but with only about 4 real servings (2 sticks is not enough) they are not as economical as buying the pretzels and shredded cheese, since I can get 25 pretzels in bulk at Fry's and even when not getting shredded cheese in bulk size the serving amount goes much farther for cheaper.  I would still buy the SoftStix again, especially since I have a coupon for them, but I will stick with the regular pretzels because it is just as good and cheaper for me.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lucerne Honey Nonfat Greek Yogurt

I have never been big into yogurt, but lately I have been enjoying eating greek yogurt since it is high in protein.  I had only had Fage brand, but I figured I would try the store brand, since nothing was on sale except it and everything else was at least $0.40 more for same size.  I am actually quite a fan of Lucerne for dairy products, especially the ice cream and Mexican shredded cheese.  Thus I figured though it had the lowest protein (11g) of the different brands on the self, it could not be too bad.

Well, I was sadly disappointed in the Lucerne Honey Nonfat Greek Yogurt as soon as I opened it.  It was not thick like the Greek Yogurts I had before.  In fact it seemed more liquid than regular yogurt.  Flavor wise it was not too bad, although I found it too sweet and just really am not into honey anyways.  I might like the fruit flavors, but I chose honey because it had less calories (from having less sugar) than the other flavors of Lucerne Greek Yogurt I saw.

Even though it was on sale for $0.89 instead of its normal price of $0.99, I think it would have been worth the extra $0.40 to try another brand, although not the extra $0.90 for Fage regular price.  Getting the Fage Fruit Mix Ins multi pack at CostCo is not bad.