Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lucerne Honey Nonfat Greek Yogurt

I have never been big into yogurt, but lately I have been enjoying eating greek yogurt since it is high in protein.  I had only had Fage brand, but I figured I would try the store brand, since nothing was on sale except it and everything else was at least $0.40 more for same size.  I am actually quite a fan of Lucerne for dairy products, especially the ice cream and Mexican shredded cheese.  Thus I figured though it had the lowest protein (11g) of the different brands on the self, it could not be too bad.

Well, I was sadly disappointed in the Lucerne Honey Nonfat Greek Yogurt as soon as I opened it.  It was not thick like the Greek Yogurts I had before.  In fact it seemed more liquid than regular yogurt.  Flavor wise it was not too bad, although I found it too sweet and just really am not into honey anyways.  I might like the fruit flavors, but I chose honey because it had less calories (from having less sugar) than the other flavors of Lucerne Greek Yogurt I saw.

Even though it was on sale for $0.89 instead of its normal price of $0.99, I think it would have been worth the extra $0.40 to try another brand, although not the extra $0.90 for Fage regular price.  Getting the Fage Fruit Mix Ins multi pack at CostCo is not bad.

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