Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chung's Vegetable Spring Rolls with Sweet and Sour Sauce

I bought Chung's Vegetable Spring Rolls in the frozen aisle at Safeway a few weeks ago. Finally got around to trying them today. They are easy to make in just 2 minutes in the microwave. While they cook in the microwave thaw the sauce packet or packets in a bowl of warm water.

The spring rolls were pretty tasty in my opinion. I liked that they did not get crispy because I used the microwave, but I imagine you could have crispy ones if you used the oven to cook them. The dough is a little thicker than I usually think of for spring rolls, but does not affect the flavor in my opinion, as they are still stuffed with plenty of veggie filling.

I like that the spring rolls are conveniently packaged in a tray with each separate. This makes it easy to only make a few without having to try to break them apart, which tends to happen with stuff packaged touching in the freezer for a long period of time. There are three little sweet and sour sauce packets to go with five spring rolls. One packet is almost enough for two, in my opinion, although I like two as a serving size and it would be better if there were only four or there were six spring rolls.

Only thing I do not like about Chung's Spring Rolls is the sweet and sour sauce. Immediately it tasted wrong to me. The pineapple flavor is too strong making it too sweet and not a good balance of sweet and sour like the sauce should be.


  1. NO!!! I loved these. Just tried them today.
    Felt as if these were possibly the best spring rolls I've ever had.

    And I figured the sauce would be 'off' since they are touted as "All Natural".
    To my surprise--VERY flavorful and VERY pinapply. I figured that it would taste like almost all other sweet and sour sauces; all ginger and soy sauce, yuck.
    But this was unbelievably delicious.


  2. These are fantastic. Purchased at Jewel Osco in Chicago region. I deep fry mine and they truly taste like restaurant quality ones.