Thursday, February 10, 2011

Limited Edition Dark Chocolate Strawberry Truffles Godiva Gems

I picked up Dark Chocolate Strawberry Truffles Godiva Gems for $3.99 at CVS this week. They were 20% off, but still I normally would not pay this much for only 3.1 ounces of chocolate. However, I had some CVS Extrabucks to spend and actually paid nothing for them. If I had paid actual money, I think I would have been more disappointed in them.

They are not horrible, but I just somehow expected the center to be so much different. I thought it would be like some other truffles I have had where the center slowly melts in your mouth, but rather this is just a weird strawberry Cool Whip style texture of filling. The creamy strawberry filling is not necessarily bad, but not as long lasting as I tend to expect from truffles that can be savored and slowly melt instead of this quick dissolving minimally flavored filling.

I do love the dark chocolate shell, but that does not make it worth it. Especially, at the normal price of $4.99 a bag. I would much rather spend that on a good quality dark chocolate bar and actually could get at least 2 for $5. That said they are interesting enough I would consider buying them again if they are under $2 as part of after Valentines clearance sale, but I bet people will swipe them all at full price or the minimal sale price because its Godiva.

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