Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sobe LifeWater Mango Mandarin with Coconut Water

I have long liked Sobe products.  I used to mainly enjoy the Sobe Energy, but I also have enjoyed the LifeWater products, especially the pomegranate flavors. Thus while I hated the one time I tried coconut water before, I still thought it was worth trying Sobe's version.

I found the Sobe LifeWater Mango Mandarin with Coconut Water at least palatable, which is really saying a lot because I could not stand the tiny sip of the other brand I tried a few months ago.  I did not really love it, though, and probably would not buy it.  However, the reason I did not like it was because it was too sweet, which is not surprising with the first ingredient after water being sugar.  If they came out with a 0 version, I would certainly give it another try, though.

Disclosure: I received a free sample from BzzAgent.

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