Monday, March 1, 2010

Percy Jackson & the Olympians The Lightining Thief Limited Time Airheads

I am always looking for the latest Airheads limited time flavors. Airheads are my brother's favorite candy and every time I find a new promotion one I get them as a treat for him and I also try the limited time flavors. I mostly like the limited time movie tie-in promotions because they usually have interesting things inside, such as the holographic surfboard images for Surf's Up.

The Percy Jackson & the Olympians The Lightning Thief Airheads just have a little decoder card paper pamphlet, so kind of boring. The special Limited Time flavors are Riptide Rush and Blue Poseidon. Riptide Rush is a yellow Airhead. It is basically just the lemonade Airhead flavor. The Blue Poseidon flavor is blue and I think it is much like the blue raspberry flavor, although it light blue and has dark blue spots in it. It looks different, but I think it is just a different look and not a different flavor.

Overall kind of disappointing, as both are regular Airheads flavors. Most of the time they are, so not actually surprising. The real disappointing thing is the movie tie-in thing stinks and is not a fun collectible thingy.


  1. Riptide Rush tastes like shit.

    1. U posted a bad word:(

  2. I totally agree Megan! I said the same thing... It almost tastes like ginger :( Yuck!!